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Massage Styles and Rates


Session Rates:

Regardless of the type of massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage, the fee which is based on session time, are shown below.

 Session Time          Rate

30 minutes              $45
60 minutes               $85
90 minutes             $115



Each massage is customized based on the intent of the session and how the body responds to touch.  Additional modalities (reflexology, stretching, aroma therapy, etc.) will be incorporated into the treatment to optimize results given the intent of the session or desires of the client. The overall approach to each session is based on: Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage as noted below.


Swedish Massage:
A relaxing and therapeutic massage using broad and muscle specific strokes in order to release stress and tensions held in the body. In addition, it facilitates the movement of nutrients and oxygen to muscles while assisting the release of toxins and waste products from tissue. The pressure used during a session will vary from light to firm based on feedback from the client.

Deep Tissue Massage:
A firm, slow massage to lengthen and separate specific muscles and muscle groups. The surface muscles are first warmed-up using moderate pressure which allows the therapist access to deeper tissue. The massage helps with chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation and reduces adhesions allowing muscles to move more freely and independently.

Sports Massage:
Is a blend of multiple massage techniques including compression, stretching, effleurage, friction and trigger point therapy designed to reduce injuries, alleviate inflammation and enhance muscle recovery.    The pressure will vary from light to moderate to firm. 

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